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Boats, Balls, Bikes & Blades
Outside the Dairy Gift Shop, mid-Park at 65th Street

Fondly recollect the early decades of baseball, recall ladies riding sidesaddle along the bridle paths, envision the thrill of ice skating and boating on the Lake, cross the finish line of the NYC Marathon, and more. Learn how tastes of recreation have changed since the mid-19th century and how the Park has been changed to mirror those tastes. For directions, please call 212-794-4064.

Tour meets:
Outside the Dairy Gift Shop, mid-Park at 65th Street

Groups of seven or more people should call 212-360-2726 or e-mail to schedule a custom tour.

Accessibility level *

Tour accessibility is rated as follows:
* Easy to negotiate; paths and few stairs - mostly accessible to people with disabilities
** Moderate inclines and stairs, paths clear and negotiable - only parts accessible to people with disabilities
*** Hilly, stairs, and a few Park-related obstacles to negotiate - not recommended for people with disabilities


Time: 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM