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Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff (5M)
Central Park West Drive near 69th St

Join NYRR for the start of something special! Just one week before the ING New York City Marathon, this race travels the roads of Central Park and ends at the Marathon finish line.


You'll start on Central Park’s West Drive near 69th Street and head north. You'll loop clockwise over the rolling hills along the western edge of the park, turning right (east) onto the 102nd Street transverse. At the top of a short hill, you’ll turn right again (heading south) onto the East Drive. As you make your way onto the only flat, straight stretch of the course, be sure to give a nod to Fred Lebow—legendary founder of the New York City Marathon, memorialized in bronze, checking his stopwatch—on your right as you pass Engineers’ Gate. This is also the point where, at mile 23, the marathon course enters Central Park. Follow the marathon course as you enjoy running down Cat Hill (between 78th and  72nd streets) with its inspiration, the Still Hunt statue of a crouching panther, looking down on you from a rock wall to your right. Continue south across the 72nd Street transverse to the southern edge of the park, and follow the roadway as it curves back north to the finish near 67th Street and Tavern on the Green.  Smile and raise your arms high as you cross the ING New York City Marathon's famous finish line.


For more information, please visit the NYRR website.


This event is hosted by the NYRR. 

Time: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM