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ING NYC Marathon Tune-Up (18M)
East Drive, 102nd St and 5th Ave

This popular race is held just seven weeks before 47,000+ runners are scheduled to line up at the ING New York City Marathon start in Fort Wadsworth! The Tune-Up in Central Park provides 18 miles of motivation and camaraderie to carry you through the challenging preparation phase.


Get ready for the ups and downs of the ING New York City Marathon (or any fall marathon) with this 18-mile run in Central Park! The course is three six-mile loops on the park's undulating roadways, with mile markers, fluid stations, and plenty of company.


You'll start on East Drive near 102nd Street and head north around the northern end of the park. The first mile includes a descent, an ascent, and another descent through the Harlem Hills. You'll continue south on West Drive through a series of rolling hills in the second mile, which ends at approximately 86th Street. In the third mile you'll continue downhill over a relatively flat section with a slight uphill approaching the ING New York City Marathon finish line. In the fourth mile the route takes you south (and downhill) around the southern end of park and onto East Drive. You'll begin the fifth mile with a flat section as you pass the 72nd Street Transverse and the Central Park Boathouse, but then watch out for Cat Hill—and its namesake, the Still Hunt statue of a crouching panther, which will look down on you from a rock wall to your left. A friendlier statue will greet you a few hundred meters beyond the five-mile point, along the route’s longest flat section: Fred Lebow, legendary founder of the New York City Marathon, is memorialized in bronze, checking his stopwatch, near East 90th Street. You’ll continue north on East Drive and enjoy a slight downhill at about 5.5 miles, then another flat section as you approach the 102nd Street Transverse to complete this loop. Continue north past the Transverse and complete two more loops; on the third and final loop you'll turn left onto the 102nd Street Transverse to the finish.


For more information, please visit the NYRR website.


This event is hosted by NYRR and ING. 

Time: 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM